WALL-TO-WALL for SKYLER BRICKLEY and MARVELLI GALLERY —— In his show Wall-to-Wall, the artist Skyler Brickley explores notions of analog reproduction and how the effects of age, translation, and the environment can lead to uniquely imperfect copies. His works are large, system-driven paintings, recalling enlarged Xerox prints or filmstrips. We were asked to catalog these works into a single volume, positioning them alongside an archive of reference texts, found imagery, and interviews. Like the work itself, the book is fragmentary; it can be spilt into two distinct catalogs, read out of sequence, or reshuffled into a single, life-sized print.

Plates section

References section


Catalog and web invitation, 2010
11×16 in (279×411 mm), 70 pages
Offset print, saddle-stitched

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IDENTITY SYSTEM and APPLICATIONS for ARTSY —— Artsy is an ambitious new art discovery tool, connecting users with an expansive database of works, spanning movements, styles, and time periods. Through partnerships with galleries and museums around the world, Artsy collects and organizes art using its proprietary Art Genome, a broad, ever-growing semantic database. Interested parties can also choose to buy work directly through the site. We were asked to help develop the brand identity and related applications in collaboration with Artsy’s in-house design team. The resulting system has been implemented across print, digital, and environmental media.

Print stationery

Holding page featuring full logo
Designed by Artsy

Business card

Tote bag

Gobo projection

Website featuring abbreviated logo
Designed by Artsy

Video bumper

Die-cut stickers

Mobile website featuring full logo
Designed by Artsy

Identity system and applications, 2012
In collaboration with Robert Lenne, Head of Design, Artsy

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ARTIST WEBSITE for JOHANNES GIRARDONI —— Johannes Girar­doni is a Los Angeles-based artist best known for his reduc­tive inves­ti­ga­tions at the inter­sec­tion of sculp­ture and painting. His works are often exam­i­na­tions of phe­nom­e­no­log­i­cal processes, where a hol­low or empty space turns out to be the actual cen­ter of the work. We were asked to design and build a portfolio site that would accentuate this sense of presence and absence, stand as an archive of past projects, and highlight connections between the artist’s various material interests.

Re-frequenced sculpture

Installation projects


Texts section


Website design, 2011
Website development by Dan Brewster

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TEMPORARY AUTHORITY for MANNAM and PROJECT NO. 8  ——  The first known webcam went live in 1991, broadcasting the fill status of a coffee pot at Cambridge University. Known as XCoffee, the camera was eventually linked to the internet and ran continuously until 2001, when it was disconnected and sold at auction. Today, consumer webcams are used primarily to enable real-time communication between people, or to display live images of public space. This project connects two New York boutiques (Project No. 8 and 8b) via a customized web feed, rendering each location in abstract, technicolor graphics.

Installation view, Project No. 8

Wheatpasted posters, Essex Street


Webcam link

Compilation of portraits

Installation view, Project No. 8b

Installation view, Project No. 8b

Project website

Installation, website, and posters, 2010
Series curated by Hoon Kim and Andrew Sloat
Technical assistance by Mike Brunner and Rob Casselman

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IDENTITY, WEBSITE, and CUSTOM CMS for PUBLIC BOOKS —— Public Books is a web-based affiliate of the academic journal Public Culture, a forum devoted to real-time debate about fiction, non-fiction, and emergent cultural trends. As part of an invited competition, we were asked to submit website concepts for this new literary enterprise. The challenge was two-fold: To present a wide range of writing and visual material in an engaging and digestible manner; and to grow the Public Culture audience by reaching into new territories of online content. Our solution was to create a dynamic and reconfigurable homepage, complete with modules accommodating writings, visual essays, comments, and events.

Color-coded homepage modules
Visit site

List view

Article page

Pull quote and embedded media

Filter by genre

Content management system

Visual essay

Identity, website, and custom CMS, 2012
Public Books: Plaegian Alexander, Managing Editor
Stephen Twilley, Associate Editor
Website development by Dan Brewster

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VARIOUS TITLES for HORSES THINK PRESS —— Horses Think Press is a Brooklyn-based imprint founded in 2010 by artist Ofer Wolberger. Initially begun as a self-publishing project with the release of Wolberger’s 12 Books series, the roster now includes the work of other like-minded artists. Our collaboration with Horses Think spans nine separate titles, including Fractures and Other Injuries, Visitor, and Covers (Symbols & Color).

Fractures and Other Injuries, 2012 — A series of stark black and white photographs of faceless men, uncomfortably propped, bandaged, and seemingly held prisoner in dungeon-like spaces. The book concludes with an appendix of symptoms and tools.

5.5×8.5 in (140×215 mm), 80 pages
Offset print, perfect-bound
Edition of 125

Visitor, 2011 — A portrait project depicting the same unidentified woman during the course of a few years. The project uses as its material the crude, disposable security photos that are taken automatically when one enters an office building as a visitor.

8.5×12.5 in (216×317 mm), 48 pages
Risograph, unbound
Edition of 100

Covers (Symbols & Color), 2012 — This title collects and reinterprets the designs of actual book covers using a two-color risograph duplicating machine. Each book is represented as a single page in this staple-bound volume. All entries are presented in alphabetical order with a full index of titles at the back.

8.5×11 in (216×279 mm), 48 pages
Risograph, staple-bound
Edition of 100

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DESIGN BY NEW YORK for AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS —— This unique exhibition presents a variety of architectural works by AIA NY members not within a gallery space, but within the highly-visible confines of the New York subway system. In addition to commissioned projects, this year’s call includes unbuilt competition entries, theoretical proposals, and design research. Large keywords punctuate the long tunnels of the West 4th Street station, highlighting different themes and playing with notions of construction process and architectural scale.

Installation view, W 4th St subway station

Panel detail

Exhibition design, 2012
Cynthia Kracauer, Managing Director, AIA NY
Rosamond Fletcher, Director of Exhibitions
Juliana Barton, Exhibitions Coordinator

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EYES THAT ARE LIKE TWO SUNS for LUKE STETTNER and KATE WERBLE GALLERY —— Luke Stettner’s first solo show in New York, Eyes That Are Like Two Suns, is a meditation on different forms of memory. In this book (more a stand-alone artist’s project than a traditional catalog) Stettner compiles photographs that play with light and shadow, surface and depth, to challenge the viewer’s perceptions and create alternate visual worlds. Our design employs a series of folds to both hide and reveal content, creating unexpected pairings between images and heightening the ethereal, unreal nature of the photographs.

Catalog design, 2011
8.5×11 in (216×279 mm), 48 pages
Offset print, saddle-stitched
Edition of 250

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PORTFOLIO WEBSITE for ALLEGRA COLLETTI —— Allegra Colletti is a New York-based fashion stylist and consultant whose work ranges from the repositioning of established brands to the designing and launching of new labels. Her approach strikes that delicate balance between art and commerce, favoring bold, graphic imagery that creates a strong visual narrative. We were asked to design a website that would highlight her ability to work across disciplines, as well as emphasize the tendency of her images to operate in pairs, as in the spread of a magazine.

Sort by category

About page

Image details

Image spread

Website design, 2012
Website development by Dan Brewster

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THE BRIDGE PROJECT for STOREFRONT FOR ART & ARCHITECTURE —— The Bridge Project is the most recent chapter in artist Do Ho Suh’s ongoing work, A Perfect Home. In collaboration with a team of researchers, architects, and designers, Suh generated four bridge designs that propose fantastical ways to connect Seoul and New York. This conceptual project imagines a physical link between the two cities, diminishing their spatial, temporal, and cultural distance. The accompanying bi-directional catalog, titled A Contingent Object of Research, includes a range of critical essays along with images of the exhibition content.

Introductory essay

Section divider

Essay detail

Bi-directional text

Installation views

Contributor essay


Back cover index

Newsletters and catalogs

Newsletter exterior

Newsletter interior

Façade signage

Signage details

Catalog, newsletter, and signage, 2010
Edited by Yasmeen Siddiqui
Essay by Felicity D. Scott
Published by Storefront Books
8.9×9.3 in (225×237 mm), 96 pages
Offset print, sewn case binding

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IDENTITY, WEBSITE, and POSTERS for THE HIGHLIGHTS —— The Highlights began as a response to the journalistic bent in art reviews, offering artists an outlet to engage in unconventional criticism. Since that time, the publication has grown to include experimental text and digital media projects. These works are an extension of the artists’ own practice and consist of image-based essays, original videos, interviews, as well as fictional, biographic, and diaristic writing. All completed projects are stored permanently in the online archive where they are available for browsing. In addition to designing the site, we also guest-edited issue XV.

Accordion-style index page
Visit site

Article page


Newsprint detail

Interactive feature

Birthday posters

Identity, website, and posters, 2010
Edited by Ethan Greenbaum and Luke Stettner
Website development by Mike Bingaman

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IDENTITY, WEBSITE, and LABEL ART for BORROWED LANGUAGE —— All music is essentially a borrowed language, indebted to its forebears but dependent on those who care to expand and perpetuate it. With this in mind, Borrowed Language, a label not based out of any city in particular, seeks to give something of substance back rather than contribute to the morass of disposable lifestyle music. Built on a robust typographic system, the design of each release incorporates a range of visual sensibilities through the repurposing of found imagery.

Jeff Pietro & Israel Vines
Disintegrate EP

Billion Black EP



Identity system, website, and label art, 2012
Website development by Mike Bingaman

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ON DUTY for  LEO KOENIG and DERNEBERG PUBLICATIONS —— A catalog created for an exhibition of work by three atypical photographers: a Swiss policeman, Arnold Odermatt; a Mexican photojournalist, Enrique Metinides; and New York’s Arthur Fellig, known as Weegee. All three, while on duty in their respective professions, crossed the line of simply documenting accidents and day-to-day mayhem. The content of the imagery, often tragic, transcends the rawness of the event and moves into the realm of a profound modernist aesthetic.

Introductory essay

Section divider

Caption detail

Catalog design, 2012
Edited by Leo Koenig
Published by Derneburg Publications
6.7×8.6 in (170×219 mm), 72 pages
Offset print, perfect-bound

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IDENTITY SYSTEM, WEBSITE, and APPLICATIONS for HIGHLIGHT STUDIOS —— Part of a complex including the Penumbra Foundation and Center for Alternative Photography, Highlight offers the only authentic north-light studio in New York City. With all of the conveniences of a modern studio, Highlight was built to optimal specifications as established by icons such as Nadar, Irving Penn, and Richard Avedon. In addition to the overarching identity and web presence, we also implemented a signage program, stationery, merchandise, and other promotional materials.

Exterior and interior views

Signage detail

Various signage

Stationery set inspired by optical tools used in photography

Custom tape

T-shirt and tote bag

Custom stamp

Identity system, website, and applications, 2012
Website development by Dan Brewster

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